Monday, September 3, 2007

How would you like to sign your mortgage papers at your convenience?

Are you getting a reverse Mortgage or refinancing your home? If you are, you, the mortgage broker, loan officer, or title company can all choose the notary signing agent of your choice. You do not need to be forced to go to the title company at their location and at their convenience to get your paperwork signed and notarized. You have the right to choose your certified mortgage notary signing agent as well as the title company - by the way, Southwest Florida Notaries recommends Southern State Real Estate Services for your title work anywhere in Florida 239-931-7600. Recently, a friend of mine told her mortgage broker up front she wanted to use Southwest Florida Notaries as her signing agent to have her refinance papers signed. By the time the loan documents got to the title company, the message was lost, and they assigned a notary of their choice. She called them up and told them no, she wanted to use Southwest Florida Notaries, and that she had requested that in the beginning. They told her that was a very unusual request. She explained to them, it may be unusual, but she had requested that all along. In the end, they used me, and I saved them 33% off what the title company was going to charge - NOT giving her a special additional discount since I knew her. (With that, it was actually more, but my standard price was 33% less than they were going to charge her!) So if you are in the position of getting a Reverse Mortgage, refinance, getting a construction loan, etc., in Southwest Florida, insist your title company choose Southwest Florida Notaries as your Certified Mortgage Notary Signing Agent - and call us directly at 941-7-NOTARY (766-8279) (By the way, having them call directly is important because if they use a signing service to locate the notary to do the signing, that raises the price at least 50%)

We are open for your mortgage closing 24/7 at your location.

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